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As a home owner, you do have options.  Please read below.  

1.     Sell Your Home:  You have the option to sell your home and pay off the debt without it affecting your
credit.  To find out if this is possible, please take the following steps:
Step 1.  Find out what your balance is.  If you do not receive a statement every month, you may need     
            to call in to your mortgage company to get that amount.
Step 2.  Contact us so that we may do a Free Market Analysis on your home. You can fill out the
            form in the
Home Values Page.   We will contact you either by e-mail or telephone.  You may  
            also chat with us if we are online.  Please look to see if we are online on the top right hand

We have different packages available for the seller to assist them in saving money.  We will provide an
outline of the different options when we send you the Market Analysis.  If after speaking with us you
determine that you can not do option Number 1, then please consider option number 2 below.   

2.     Request A Modification Of Mortgage: Mortgage companies have been asked to help customers
who could not make their payments.   To see if you qualify for this, you would have to fill out an application
with your mortgage company.  The application will ask you personal information regarding your finances.  
This will help them determine if you qualify for the modification.  We recommend that you list the home with
us and place it on the market in case you do not qualify for the modification we can proceed with option 3.  
The process for the modification may take up to a month or more in some cases.  If after a month you are
told you do not qualify for the modification or decide not to take it because of the terms they offer then we
have to go to option 3.  This way we save time by having it listed.  This is not required. There is no charge
for placing it on the market.  

3.      Sell your home on a Short Sale:  This process is quite complicated.  Some mortgage companies will
allow it, others will not.  Some will allow it if you pay the deficiency, others will not charge you the deficiency.
By applying, we can get a decision from your mortgage holder.   E-mail us or call us for a free appointment.
Chat with us online, if we are online.  
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